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1919 Gallows Road
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Telephone (703) 790-5300

1 October, 1996

Ken Jackman & Associates, P.C.
1946 North Huntington Blvd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195

Mr. Jackman:

I attended the ISO 9000 Standards IRCA Certified Lead Auditor seminar that you conducted from 12 - 16 August. I found the seminar to be a large workload, challenging, and very tiring. The seminar was also enlightening, thorough, well scheduled, disciplined, and well taught. Although the material itself was tedious, it was taught in such a manner that I was able to grasp both the concept and intent of the Standards without undue hardship.

I have recently conducted my first internal audit of three internal organizations within my company with no immediate supervision in the generation of the checklist, performance of the audit, follow through, and write up of the results. My manager complimented my work. Your training in the Standards positively impacted my quality work.

Thanks for a seminar that was worthwhile.

George Stephens, Jr.
Process Engineer

Jonna MacFarland
Manager/Process Engineering

1915 Techny Road       Northbrook,   IL  60062

Phone: (847) 272-0343
Fax: (847) 272-0697

Ken Jackman & Associates, P.C.
1946 North Huntington Blvd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195

Attn: Ken Jackman

May 6, 1989

Dear Mr. Jackman,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent training that provided during the lead auditor course that I attended in April 1998. 

This training will go a long way not only in performing my duties as as internal and external auditor but also in gaining registration as an auditor with I.R.C.A.

I especially appreciate the attention to the small details (late snacks etc.) that would have been overlooked by other trainers.

During the last week I have been trying to gather information on my past audits in preparation for submitting an application to I.R.C.A.

Also, tommorrow I will be attending a meeting of the Quality Audit Service that we talked about from the Northeastern Section of ASQ. I will be giving your card to the Chairperson so you may be hearing from Dave Abrahams in the near future.

Please feel free to us me as a reference for any future courses that you may advertise.


Sheldon E. Behensky

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